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Tribute to MOM Pritchett on Mother's Day, 1998
You are a Mother and precious to my sight.
I thank God for your existence and for your might.
You have lived a life of Patience and Virtue-
I thank God for Mothers and I thank God for you.
You have affected the lives of many
As a result of your decisions-
I thank God for your patience,
Peace and compassion and for your precision.
Your Life has been blessed
As well as your creation-
I thank God for making you a royal priesthood
And a Holy nation.
You have lived your life Righteous and True
I thank God for Mothers all year round,
And today I thank God for you.
You are a Mother and set apart as Woman of God, so freely live.
I thank God for all the cares, love and support that you give.
You are an example, in speech, in life and love.
In faith and all it purity, I see your strength coming from above.
The people you share your love with and all those around you.
See your Righteous Glow, call you blessed and know your heart is true.
So go and do God’s work and live Holy for all the world to see
I thank God for your presence to be in the life of me!
Inspired: by the Holy Spirit
Written by: R. Pretlor
I Was Born With A Purpose
I Was Born With A Purpose

I am a soul that has shadows of paint splatters, gunshot wounds, and broken pieces of a heart mounded together by the love of Christ . I am complex, bold, fierce, and ready for what the world has to bring. I am who I am, a child of God, of Herbert and Jethea, and despite what I've been through, or how my exterior looks, I will always be who I am. I love me and I have a purpose. Accept me or deny me, I will ALWAYS have my dignity.

By T. Belle (2012)

Letter to All Mothers


Dear Mother, we are thankful for all you do,

Like brighten our day when we are feeling blue,

Giving us advice when situations leave us confused,

For comforting us when we are feeling misused.

We respect your ambition to provide all you can,

Raising us to be responsible ladies and men.

From your struggle we manage to focus and maintain,

Help keep a smile o our face when either we lose or gain.

You are irreplaceable and there will be no other

That can replace the love of yours, MOTHER.

Written by:  Brother Erick Waters

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