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The 2013 Women's Empowerment Expo for Health, Wealth & Wisdom
MOM, Inc. was one of the Exhibitor at The 2013 Women's Empowerment Expo for Health, Wealth & Wisdom, sponsored by Radio One Richmond on September 28, 2013,  at the Richmond International Raceway Exhibition Hall.  Over 1000 customers stopped by MOM's Booth.  A very rewarding event.  With the help from, "Real Talk with Dominic and Sophia" and my granddaughters, MOM received over 50 contact information from potential members.  Love Organic T-shirts were designed by Vernon Pritchett, Founder of Create Source Play, LLC. 
50th Anniversary March on Washington 2013
On August 24, 2013 the Love Boldly Movement partnered with Mother of Many, Incorporated to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. This walk is symbolic of us moving forward in the dream that Dr. King had for 50 years ago.  Mr. Vernon Pritchett, President/Founder of Love Boldly Movement, believes the we can accomplish anything in our life with love.  The shirts the group wore were also designed by Mr. Pritchett.  For more details, please visit,
Thanks also goes out to Krystal Dail, President/Founder of E.S.T. Unity and Author Kharisma DiSheka Miller for coming out to walk with Love Boldly and MOM.  Be sure to connect with them on Facebook. 


"Pamper Me Day" on Mother's Day- May 12, 2013
Every Mother’s Day, MOM prepares, "Thank-You Elegant Pamper-Me Baskets", for the mothers attending various churches, especially for single mothers.  The purpose of these gift baskets is to honor them on Mother’s Day with a day of beauty treatment of pampering and relaxation for just being a mother.   On Sunday, May 12, 2013, MOM prepared breakfast for all the mothers who attended the 11 a.m. service, held at Rhema Word Christian Center, Kinston, NC.  The children and grandchildren help prepared and severed breakfast to the parents.  Also, at the 11:00 service, MOM gave every mother an appreciation gift of  Moisture Therapy Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair hand cream to pamper the mothers.
MOM's 1st Annual International Retreat, November 2012
MOM believes in giving back to the community. Acts 20:35 states, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive."  MOM believes that giving is essential toward the growth and development in every area of a person’s life. Once a year, MOM sponsors select mentees to accompany her on an international retreat. MOM believes that this retreat is the turning point in the lives of the young adults chosen, and at that point they are able to move forward in their purpose and assignment to do what they are called to do. 
In 2012 MOM brought school supplies and visited each classroom at Duncans School of all Ages. This is very rewarding experience. 
"Remembering the Forgotten" at Trelawny Infirmary 5 Rodney Street, Jamaica 2012
Back to School Bash Jamaica 2011
My first visit to Jamaica was in September of 2011 with my daughter-in-law's family from St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.  I attended a "Back to School Bash", for school children held every year by Everton Johnson.  Mr. Johnson believes in giving back into the community.  In doing so, one of his events involved supporting the school children in the local areas, in supplying them with school backpacks, school supplies packages, and laptops.  Also, the children were able to play in moon bounce tents, have great food and music. During my visit, I was so blessed and excited for just being in the presence of such wonderful culture. My passion and love from attending the "Back to School Bash", led me to return to Jamaica several times in 2012.
During 2011 Back to School Bash, Mr. Johnson supplied over 2,500 backpacks to the school children, plus two high-school students received a laptop.
"You Got Potential!" Seminar: (MOM) held its first 4-day annual conference in May, 2006, at Rhema Word Christian Center, Kinston, North Carolina.  The theme for that year was "You Got Potential!  As the Founder and President of MOM, I was absolutely sold out to the fact we all have potential, but if that potential is not understood, it will never be fulfilled in our lives.  The conference was such a great success that many youth lives were changed.   
"Run Away Love" Seminar:   Taken from "Runaway Love", a song written by Ludacris, featuring Mary J. Blidge, which portrayed a message about the struggles that some adolescents are faced with?  This seminar taught young females their value and to help bring healing to those hidden issues that causes them to want to run away from home.
"Have Breakfast with MOM":  MOM and her volunteers prepares breakfast for all participants. MOM has sit-down motherly heart-felt talk sessions with the youth.  The youth are able to be themselves, ask questions, and give responses in a loving and caring atmosphere. 
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