Retreat Foundational Concepts

Four Foundational Concepts that Nurtures the Spirit:

1.      Daily meditation

2.      Serving the community

3.      Spiritual relationships

4.      Intimate time in the Word of God

Daily Meditation: Quiet environments are necessary for effectively reaching a point of peace and understanding. To clear the mind of the chaos of this world, one must meditate, which allows them to discover their true selves, and reuniting with the Lord.

Serving the Community: By serving the community, one does one of the major duties we are to do as a people – as creations of God. Just as Jesus served, whether washing His disciples’ feet or praying for His followers, we are to serve, and exemplify that same love to those around us.

Spiritual Relationships: We ultimately become molded by our surroundings. Our encompassing culture nurtures who we are, which is important for us to evolve with spiritually grounded people. Refer to Proverbs 13:20 and 1st Corinthians 15:33.                                                                                                                                              

Studying the Word (and other Godly literature): Habitual, spiritual and encouraging conversations provide the right quality of ‘food for thought’ and one’s intellect.

Mental and Physical Relaxation: The body needs a time to rest. It is also vital to relax the mind. Because the body can not readily relax with a mind that is stressed, it is important to relax your mind in order to rest the body. This is one result of meditation.

What MOM Teaches During the Retreat?

Forgiveness, knowing and creating a relationship with the Father, understanding God’s desire to heal, restore and fill us with the Holy Spirit will be covered. We will also talk about how important it is to make wise and Godly decisions.

Who are the Mentors?

MOM and trusted, mature Christians who aim to apply their experiences and wisdom to counseling sessions.

Is it Confidential?

Yes. It is confidential. What is said in the realm of the retreat is to be between the participant and the mentor(s) with whom they share their stories.

What is the Outcome?

Although there is no set result of these results, MOM is designed to heal individuals, whether it is through epiphanies and revelations or through a progressive healing state. God works with different individuals in different ways, but through these retreats, MOM and the mentors teach of God’s grace being sufficient. Jesus Christ tells us to give Him our burdens, and take on His yoke. Refer to Matthew 11:28-30.

How does MOM Serve the Community and the Church?

Although individuals are able to make their own decisions, MOM asks that individuals under pastoral leadership receive permission from their pastor to attend the retreat. MOM believes in the structure of the church, and knows that it is important to take heed to the desires of your immediate spiritual advisor.

What is the cost and what are the Accommodations?

Donations account for the travel, living and meal accommodations. Any financial assistance received will go towards accommodating those needs. Any outside luxuries are the responsibility of the individual.

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