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2013 The Publishing Hour Show SHOW # 9
Special Guests: Dominic and Sophia Pritchett, Founders and President, "Real Talk With Dominic & Sophia"

The M.O.M International Retreat of 2014 allowed me to focus on bettering myself. It wasn't about who knew the most scriptures, or who knew how well to speak in the Hebrew language. It was about seeing God in every situation.  From each conversation I had, with each place I visited, as a result of each song I heard or sang, I was able to find a level of peace.  Each person that attended was from different states and cities, of different ages, at varying levels educationally and spiritually, but when we came together, we were one-because YHWH was in the midst. We were able to see God transform frowns into smiles, worry into joy and peace, and that is why it was worth it. No matter who we are, or from where we come, God loves us equally, and shows mercy on us, equally. If it was not so, we all would be in a world of trouble for "all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23)," but through salvation through Christ, and baptism through the Holy Spirit, we become free, as we cast our cares upon Him.  - Alecia

 Attending this retreat has help me to let go of issues that had me depressed.  It helped me to release those issues and give them to God. –Kystal

The Mother of Many, retreat was exactly what I needed. I felt welcomed, comfortable, and spiritually feed. The space that Mother of Many created for us to be ourselves was so different and unique than what I was use to from other retreats.  My only response to the experience I had is... I love you MOM!- Vernon

This was an amazing experience and helped me let go of things holding me back. As a result, I am able to move forward from past situations and look forward to what God has planned for me in 2014!

I was at my happiest. It allowed us all to focus on the blessings God has given us, and not worry about what we're going through and have gone through. There was a lot of excitement, but ultimately, there was peace.

MOM's First Annual International Retreat, Duncans, Jamaica
"Mother of Many (MOM) is what it is...Started by a virtuous woman of God, Patricia Pritchett, what a beautiful organization.  I was one of the participants in MOM's First Annual International Retreat, held in Duncan, Jamaica. The trip to Jamaica was soulful...peaceful and gave us an opportunity to celebrate life as women of God. What a beautiful feeling, especially when you have a wonderful leader like MOM. She is amazing, caring, understanding, and allows you to show your inner beauty through her soulful humble spirit. This is an organization that sound be heard and expanded!!!!"  - Vita
The Mother of Many retreat was a life altering experience. While there, we visited a local school in Duncan, Jamaica. The school lacked many resources that children in America have access to. In spite of their lack of resources, the children were well educated and excited to share what they learned in school with us. We had an opportunity to pass out new school supplies to the children, which was an amazing experience. Knowing that we made a contribution toward the education of the youth there was an unforgettable memory that we will cherish forever. I also enjoyed bonding and fellowship with the young ladies on the trip. Sharing life experiences, encouragement for difficult times and praising God for the abundance of blessings we received made our trip complete. The Mother of Many Retreat was an enlightening and enjoyable experience and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested. - Kristal
It's not always easy to talk to people about your innermost thoughts and feelings, however MOM has given me that comfort. Whenever I'm in her presence, I can be myself. Laugh like I want, speak how I feel, and know that I will be received with open arms. I never have to worry about 'hiding' myself, or only showing a percentage of my personality because I know that despite my imperfections, she sees the beauty in me. It is a blessing to have a woman of Jehovah in my life who not only empathizes with me, but who isn't afraid to share her story because she has let God get the glory, and ministers in that way to others. - Alicia
Last year (2012) was a very difficult year for me.The trip to Jamaica was just what I needed. As a hard working single mother, I never have the opportunity to travel out of the country. The trip was very relaxing and therapeutic. I really enjoyed our MOM talks. It was also an awesome experience meeting the students & staff @The Duncan All Age School. Thank you again for inviting me & allowing me be a part of such an amazing retreat! -Kameka
Real Talk With Dominic & Sophia
"On behalf of Real Talk With Dominic & Sophia, we would like to give a resounding Thank You to Mother of Many for sponsoring our live talk show event and giving out free meals to our audience.  Your generosity has been amazing and unheard of in this day and age.  You have really touched us in a way that has us thinking of ways that we can give back.  May God continue to bless you in all you do! We love you Mom!" ~Dominic and Sophia
MOM is Very Patient
"You have been very patient with me over the years. I could call you anytime of the night and you took out time to listen and pray with me". -Nickie
MOM, a Reflection of Love
"Mother of Many is a reflection of love. It has been instrumental in my adjustment to a new city. In her presence I feel comfortable to be myself". - Simone
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